Transform Your Emotions Into Unconditional Love


May 26, 2024    
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Embark on a transformative journey as we guide you through the art of harnessing the profound power within your emotions. This mind-blowing online event where you’ll learn the alchemy of transforming your emotions into a boundless well of unconditional love. Discover the secrets to navigate through the intricate landscape of your feelings, unlocking a state of profound compassion and acceptance. Let us unravel the mysteries of emotional transformation together, leading you towards a life enriched with love, understanding, and serenity.

Event Information:

Event Name: Transform Your Emotions into Unconditional Love

Hosted by: Smitha Jagadish

Event Type: Online

Duration: 1 hour

Date and Time: Sunday, May 26, 2024, 21:00 – 22:00 PKT.

About this Event: Dive into the profound exploration of emotional transformation in “Transform Your Emotions into Unconditional Love,” part of the Spiritual Enlightenment collection. Hosted by Smitha Jagadish, this mind-blowing online event invites participants to harness the power of their emotions and cultivate an unwavering well of unconditional love. The session includes insightful discussions, guided meditations, and practical exercises to facilitate personal growth, healing, and enhanced emotional well-being. Embrace this enlightening experience to navigate through challenging emotions and foster a more loving and harmonious inner state.

Ticket Information:

Event is free to attend.

Refunds available up to 7 days before the event

Eventbrite’s fee is nonrefundable.

Workout Session Detail: While there may not be specific workout sessions, the event promises engaging activities such as guided meditations and practical exercises to facilitate emotional transformation.Essentials to Bring: Participants are encouraged to bring an open mind and a willingness to explore their emotions. Additionally, having a comfortable space for meditation may enhance the overall experience.

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