Weekday Meditation, Los Angeles, CA | Reflect, Prepare, Rejuvenate


March 27, 2024    
6:40 am - 7:15 pm


Los Angeles, CA
Online (link sent 12 hours before the event) , Los Angeles, , United States, 90017 , CA

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A transformative journey toward inner peace and serenity in just half an hour with Coquihalla’s Meditation Sessions. Delve into a realm of profound tranquility guided by experts, aimed at uplifting and enhancing your overall well-being.

Event Information:

Event Name: Weekday Meditation, Los Angeles, CA | Reflect, Prepare, Rejuvenate

Host: Coquihalla

Date and Time: Wednesday, March 27, 6:40 PM – 7:10 PM PDT.

Location: Online (link sent 12 hours before the event), Los Angeles, CA 90017, United States

Ticket Information:

1 x General Admission – $4.99

Subtotal: $4.99

Fees: $2.17

Total: $7.16

Workout Session Detail:

Duration: 30 minutes

Description:  Coquihalla’s Meditation Sessions for a rejuvenating journey of tranquility and self-discovery. Each session offers expert guidance in reflection, preparation, and relaxation through practices like full-body scans, chakra meditation, and inner child healing.

About this Event:

Coquihalla invites you to embark on a transformative experience of meditation, tailored to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Led by certified Meditation Experts, Tibetan Sound Healers, and Breathwork Coaches, these sessions blend ancient wisdom with modern practices, offering a holistic approach to wellness.

What to Expect:

Deep relaxation and stress relief.

Guided meditations for clarity and focus.

Tibetan sound healing for vibrational harmony.

Breathwork techniques for enhanced well-being.

Dos and Don’ts:

Before the Session: Create a tranquil environment, inform household members, avoid heavy meals.

After the Session: Take a moment for silent reflection, hydrate and nourish your body, avoid rushing into demanding activities.

Class Levels:

Suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Sessions are adaptable, ensuring a harmonious experience for everyone.

Student Testimonials:

“Coquihalla’s meditation sessions are a lifeline. The teacher’s guidance creates a serene space, and the Tibetan Sound Healing is truly transformative.” – Sam, Idaho.

“30 minutes that feel like a retreat! The breathwork and guided meditation provide a perfect escape. This class is a gem.” – Lisa, Arkansas.

“I’ve tried various online meditations, but Coquihalla’s stands out. The teacher’s expertise and the depth of the sessions keep me coming back.” – Thomas, Texas.

“As a holistic living coach, I appreciate the comprehensive approach. These sessions are a daily ritual for mind and spirit.” – Donna, Montreal.

About Coquihalla:

Coquihalla is committed to delivering transformative experiences through wellness retreats. Their expert teachers blend ancient wisdom with modern practices, creating a nurturing space for personal growth and well-being.

Contact Information:

For any questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact Coquihalla at contact@coquihalla.com.

Essential for Attendees:

Comfortable clothing.

A quiet and cozy space.

Optional: Headphones for an immersive experience.

Parking Option: Not applicable as the event is online.

Refund Policy: Contact the organizer for refund requests. Eventbrite’s fee is nonrefundable.


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