Caroline Locatelli

Caroline Locatelli is a vibrant individual, blending her Brazilian and Italian heritage into her life and career. Having resided in Los Angeles for nine years, she brings a unique fusion of cultural influences to the city's dynamic landscape. Prior to her time in LA, Caroline polished her skills in New York City, gaining invaluable experience within the hospitality and real estate industry. Caroline is recognized as a significant figure, known for her ability to connect with the city's elite tastemakers and VIP clientele, including celebrities. Her extensive network and adept communication skills have positioned her as a key player in the scene, facilitating collaborations and forging meaningful relationships. Beyond her professional endeavors, Caroline's social life reflects her vibrant personality. Whether she's hitting the dance floor with friends or assuming the role of the consummate hostess at her legendary dinner parties, Caroline infuses every gathering with a sense of warmth, flavor, and flair.


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