Cancer New Moon Manifestation Workshop

Cancer New Moon Manifestation Workshop


July 1, 2024    
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


1746 Westwood Blvd
1746 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90024, CA

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Step into a transformative experience under the enchanting energy of the Cancer New Moon at our upcoming workshop! This event offers a unique opportunity to set powerful intentions, release what no longer serves you, and manifest your dreams in a supportive and nurturing environment. Join like-minded individuals as you explore the profound potential of this celestial alignment.

Event Highlights:

  • Setting Intentions: Harness the potent energy of the Cancer New Moon to set clear and empowering intentions for the future.
  • Release and Renewal: Through guided meditations and reflective journaling exercises, release old patterns and beliefs that no longer align with your aspirations.
  • Manifestation Techniques: Learn effective manifestation techniques and practical tools to align your actions with your desires, fostering positive changes in your life.
  • Group Support: Engage in group discussions and connect with others on a similar journey, creating a supportive community focused on growth and transformation.
  • Nurturing Environment: Experience a space designed to cultivate inner peace, clarity, and spiritual alignment, enhancing your ability to manifest your true potential.

Don’t miss this opportunity to align with the universe, amplify your intentions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Whether you’re new to manifestation practices or seasoned in spiritual growth, this workshop offers valuable insights and tools to elevate your life.

Embrace the power of the Cancer New Moon and join us for a workshop that promises to ignite your inner light and guide you towards manifesting your deepest desires. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of growth, healing, and manifestation.

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