San Francisco Greek Film Festival


March 16, 2024 - March 23, 2024    
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Delancey Street Theater
600 Embarcadero, , San Francisco, , California, 94107

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A Celebration of Greek Cinema Returns to San Francisco

Cinephiles and enthusiasts of Greek culture rejoice! The San Francisco Greek Film Festival (SFGFF), a Bay Area staple for over two decades, is back for its 21st edition. Mark your calendars for an immersive cinematic experience from March 16th to March 23rd, 2024.

This year’s festival boasts a dynamic eight-day program, featuring a compelling line-up of in-person screenings at the prestigious Delancey Screening Room in San Francisco. But that’s not all! The SFGFF also offers an online program, ensuring accessibility for film buffs across the region.

A Pioneering Legacy

The SFGFF holds a special place in American cinematic history. Established in 2004, it proudly claims the title of the first and longest-running Greek film festival in the entire United States. This remarkable journey began with a passionate group of Greek-Americans in the Bay Area. Driven by a love for their heritage and a deep appreciation for cinema, they envisioned a platform to showcase the works of contemporary Greek and Cypriot filmmakers. This vision, in collaboration with the Modern Greek Studies Foundation (MGSF), blossomed into the thriving festival we know today.

A Community Celebration

The San Francisco Bay Area boasts a vibrant Greek-American community, and the SFGFF has become an integral part of its cultural tapestry. Year after year, this dedicated audience faithfully attends the festival, reaffirming their strong connection to Greek culture. The storytelling prowess of Greek and Cypriot filmmakers transcends borders, captivating audiences from all walks of life. Local cinephiles eagerly await the annual screenings, solidifying the SFGFF’s position as a beloved Bay Area institution.

Championing New Voices & Honoring Legends

The SFGFF plays a crucial role in nurturing emerging Greek and Cypriot talents. This platform provides a springboard for them to showcase their works, gain recognition, and connect with a wider audience. The festival also celebrates established icons of Greek cinema, ensuring their legacies are preserved and shared with new generations. Past tributes include screenings of the legendary Melina Mercouri’s film “Topkapi” in 2020 (marking her 100th birthday), and the documentary “Olympia” by Harry Mavromichalis, chronicling the life of Olympia Dukakis (screened in 2019).

This captivating journey through the world of Greek cinema continues! Stay tuned for further details about the upcoming festival program. Whether you’re a seasoned cinephile or simply curious to explore the rich tapestry of Greek storytelling, the SFGFF promises an unforgettable cinematic experience.

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