Summit of Greatness

Summit of Greatness


September 13, 2024 - September 14, 2024    
All Day


Shrine Auditorium
665 West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90007, CA

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This transformative two-day experience is crafted to inspire you to take bold steps, delve deeper into your purpose, ignite your passion, and fully commit to your dreams and goals. What continually draws attendees back to the Summit each year isn’t just the event’s magic, but the extraordinary, like-minded individuals they encounter. The Greatness Community is truly EPIC.

Participants will

  • Gain mindset strategies from Lewis Howes to define and achieve their own version of Greatness.
  • Discover how to tap into their meaningful mission and serve the world using their unique gifts and talents.
  • Network, connect, and build lifelong friendships with the incredible School of Greatness Community.
  • Find inspiration to stop procrastinating, overcome self-doubt, and take decisive leaps toward their goals.

Join this life-changing event to not only enrich your personal journey but also to become part of a supportive, inspiring community dedicated to greatness.

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