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Harmonize Your Soul With 5 Best Sound Healing Studios in Los Angeles

Harmonize Your Soul With 5 Best Sound Healing Studios in Los Angeles

Everybody needs a break for some self-time in the fast-paced world of today. Before the levels of stress, anxiety, and depression become excessively high, it’s a best practice to keep track of your personal space and relaxation.

One of the best ways to calm yourself and enjoy a deep sense of peace is sound healing, which is also referred to as a sound bath. It is a mixture of calming sounds paired with vibrations to make you indulge in it. Memberships are also frequently offered by these studios so you can get the best of your money and enjoy regular services worry-free. So, let’s have a look at some of the sound healing studios in Los Angeles.

1. WakeUpDreamer

One of the cool things about WakeUpDreamer is that they also offer to come to your desired location for their services. Online and on-site services in a calming ambience are available as well. Their offerings include sound baths, yoga classes, reiki, breathwork, and more. The instructor, Kristina Welch, is highly professional and has multiple certifications. She is well-known by her customers for her friendliness and cool nature.

A local guest named Thomas Miller said that he had a great experience with Kristina and she explained everything very well to him. Another visitor named Sara Ansari said that she had a wonderful experience overall and praised Kristina, for her loving kindness, and support.

Location: 152 S Serrano Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004


Best known for:

  • Friendly instructor
  • Services at the desired location
  • Variety of offerings

2. The Soundbath Center

Picture Credit: The Soundbath Center

Be prepared to be stunned by the huge gong wall they have for their sound healing sessions. It consists of 8 gongs. Boasting an experience of more than 20 years, they have the finest, highly trained and friendly instructors for the nourishment of your health. They have sound healing classes on-site as well as online. The on-site place is very cosy and energizing. Another cool thing is that they often hold various events. Wondering how these amazing and healing sounds are created? The SoundBath Center is also offering sessions in which they share how this magic is done.

A local guest, Melissa Arcaro on Google reviews shared that she had a great experience, and praised their instructor named Jamie for her incredible skills. Another visitor named Palmer Schallon termed it as absolutely the best place for a sound bath and recommended the instructors Jamie Bechtold and Robert.

Location: 4688 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041


Best known for:

  • Stunning gong wall
  • Online classes
  • Highly professional and friendly instructor

3. The Fragrance of Sound

Present in the industry since the 1990s, the fragrance of sound can surely be called the most experienced on the list so far. The colourful and soothing ambience paired with different sounds with exceptional instruments. They also implement the great idea of water sounds for extra nourishment. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. Guess what, you can also hold your personal events such as weddings and they will be delighted to provide you with harmonic sounds.

A visitor named Nicola V. posted a review on saying that the performance kept her completely speechless and it was pure bliss. Another reviewer on Yelp named “Roxanne H.” said that the instructor, Mari, was a wonderful addition to the event and praised the way she played the crystal bowls.

Location: Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA 91403


Best known for:

  • Experienced since the 1990s
  • Variety of sounds by different instruments
  • Available for wedding events

4. Starla Frequency

Starla Frequency Sound Healing provides you with an amazing experience in a nice and cosy place. They serve couples, events, groups and more. Starla Tarltton the sound healer, has a very friendly and welcoming attitude towards her esteemed customers according to the reviews. These services are also available online.

A local guest named Camille Vilette said on Google reviews that they booked a couple of sessions and it was a wonderful experience, totally an amazing opportunity to unplug and reconnect yourself. Another guest named “Leah H” said that Starla was very welcoming and fascinated about sound healing and highly recommended her services.

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Location: 4653 1, 2 Lincoln Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041


Best known for:

  • Welcoming and friendly sound healer
  • Nice cozy place
  • Available online and at desired location as well

5. Shakti Sound Bath

Shakti Sound Bath provides everything from a cosy ambience, and exciting events to a refreshing sound healing experience. The sound healer Ana Netanel is well-known for her magic with her visitors. Because of their exceptional services, they have the right to boast a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Google. What’s more, if you’re thinking of becoming a sound healer then Ana Netanel also offers training sessions for becoming one.

A local guide named Kay Khoy said that it was a wonderful experience featuring a sense of clarity and energy. Another guest named Shanila Sattar said that it was transformative and next-level.

Location: 11943 Montana Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049


Best known for:

  • Cozy ambience
  • Friendly sound healer


healing studios in Los Angeles

In the beautiful, classy and glamorous yet fast-paced environment of Los Angeles, neglecting your mental health by continuously exhausting yourself isn’t going to work for long. So, finding yourself a nice and relaxing sound healing studio in this city can do wonders for your productivity and your mental and physical health. Many of the studios in the list offer home-delivery as well as online services so you can choose according to your needs and continence. Best of luck in the choosing process!

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