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6 Los Angeles Rooftop Restaurants and Bars to Soak Up the City

6 Los Angeles Rooftop Restaurants and Bars to Soak Up the City

Nearly 20 million people visit the remarkable city of Los Angeles every year because of its charming nightlife, scenic views of the hills, exotic bars and cafés, fine-dining restaurants, 5-star hotels, and Disney land. It is a dream destination for every person that loves to travel. 

So, let’s point out some of the finest Los Angeles rooftop restaurants and bars that provide the best service in terms of ambience, food quality, and spectacular views.

1. Spire 73 

Situated tremendously high at the 73rd level of the sky scrapper of Intercontinental L. A downtown Spire 73 provides eye-catching picturesque views of the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California.

Reviews about this heavenly restaurant have been extremely positive on Google, Meghrik mentions how great of an experience it was and everyone should try it at least once. They also talk about the incredible views overlooking the city. Reviews by Christopher mention that the prices are cedent and the vibes are extravagant. 

Location: 900 Wilshire Blvd fl 73, Los Angeles, CA 90017


Best Known for:

  • One of the highest open-air bars

2. Perch LA

Inspired by the French, Perch LA is a sky-high premium bistro situated on top of the sky-scrapper building in Downtown LA. Offering Splendid views of the lovely LA skyline. The menu consists finest French dishes to satisfy your taste buds. 

Reviews on Google back up the incredible service and food here. Reviewer William mentions that the food and service both were amazing. He mentioned that on weekends and weekdays, it can get busy, so it’s a good idea to reserve your seat in advance. 

Positive reviews also talk about the live music and how it adds to the ambience, making it a great place to go with your partner for a romantic date night. 

Location: 448 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90013


Best Known for:

  • Premium French cuisine
  • Exquisite cuisine 

3. Lemon Grove

Inspired by the agrarian past of Hollywood, this new open-air rooftop restaurant has lots to offer in its menu and breathtaking view.

Jane, a reviewer, mentioned that the service was great and the city views were purely exceptional. Another reviewer, Marianne, said that their service is amazing and extremely cooperative, making it a great place to check out. 

Location: 1717 Vine Street, Los Angeles, California, 90028


Best known for:

  • Authentic dishes
  • Serene environment 

4. The Roof on Wilshire

Picture Credit: Kimpton Hotel Wilshire

Located at the top of Hotel Wilshire, this is an exotic restaurant with a pool, exceptional views of the city, and a menu of authentic American dishes and drinks.

Jonah, who is a reviewer, said the experience was “amazing” and was impressed with the service and how responsive they were. He also mentioned how great of a palace it is to visit with friends. Other reviewers, such as Sanne, also said that the staff was super friendly and made for an amazing time. 

Location: 6317 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048


Best known for:

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  • Spectacular views 
  • Lightning fast service

5. Bar Lis

This aesthetic French cuisine is high above Hollywood’s heart, providing 360-degree panoramic city views. Visit this flamboyant venue and enjoy a classy blend of southern French food. 

A reviewer on Google, Tyson elaborated on his experience and mentioned that the spot does a great job of giving you a feel of a high-end French place. The decor was praised for being unique. Another reviewer, Mathew, talks about the staff’s response, and the friendly waiters made it a great experience. 

Location: 1541 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Best known for:

  • Aesthetic French dishes 
  • Cocktails with a unique décor. 

6. Broken Shaker

Located in Downtown, this rooftop restaurant has one of the city’s best cocktails, hard drinks, and bites. Delicious American homemade ingredients provide the taste that you have been looking for, added with spectacular views. 

As mentioned, be a reviewer Loise, that the drinks and the views were exceptional. This makes it a great package with the best of both worlds. Kiyan, another reviewer on Google, said the appetizers are delicious and praised the views again.

Location: 416 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014


Best known for:

  • 360-degree views 
  • Exclusive drinks.


Los Angeles Rooftop Restaurants

The above article defines the best Rooftop restaurants in Los Angeles and bars for you to soak up the city. Every venue is one of its kind and offers an experience to remember. Check out these venues and grab your moments next time you’re in the gorgeous city of Los Angeles. Have fun! 

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