Eliana Harms

Eliana Harms is a talented writer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who is passionate about exploring alternative wellness in cities across the Americas. With a deep understanding of the importance of holistic health and well-being, she brings her expertise and knowledge to the pages of Breathe, where she works as a staff writer.

Jeanie Casison

Born in San Diego, California and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Jeanie Casison was on the move starting at an early age when family trips brought her everywhere from the provinces of the Far East to the amusement parks of Florida. After graduating from college, Jeanie was fortunate to find a writing job that allowed her to pursue her passion for foreign places and reveling in new experiences. Over the years she has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East and the Caribbean to cover destination developments. As for wellness pursuits, she enjoys practicing kundalini yoga, meditation, spin classes and anything that raises her vibration.

Maria Alaniz

Maria H. Alaniz is the Director of Social Media for Breathe Media, a Miami-based media company promoting wellness and mindfulness. With years of experience in managing influencers, project management, and social creative leadership, Maria brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. She is also a weekly contributor to Breathe Media domains, providing new insights and perspectives on wellness experiences. Maria is dedicated to inspiring people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives through her work with Breathe Media.

Reed Berglund

Reed Berglund is a serial entrepreneur and tech startup investor with a passion for marketing technology, DTC space, and wellness. He is the CEO and co-founder of Breathe Media, a Miami-based media company focused on promoting wellness and mindfulness through hyper-local content. Berglund is a sought-after advisor and thought leader, having been featured in publications such as Kidscreen, Sramana Mitra, Cynopsis, and HuffPost.

Veronica Cruz

Verónica Cruz, a native of Miami, is a certified yoga instructor trained by Mimi Yoga with a special focus on Vinyasa breath work. With her background as a leading interior designer, Verónica brings a unique blend of creativity and mindfulness to her yoga practice, creating transformative experiences that promote balance, strength, and inner harmony. Her passion for holistic wellness and design inspires others to find their own path towards wellness and self-discovery.