BeautyStat X Ulta Beauty Masterclass with Cosmetic Chemist Ron Robinson


April 27, 2024    
11:00 am - 3:00 pm


Ulta Beauty
4200 East Carson Street , Long Beach, California, 90808

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Learn Skincare Secrets from Celebrity Chemist Ron Robinson!

Calling all skincare enthusiasts! Get ready to elevate your beauty routine with renowned celebrity cosmetic chemist, Ron Robinson! The Beauty of Now event offers an exclusive opportunity to learn directly from an industry expert and create a personalized facial routine for glowing skin.

Meet the Mastermind:

Ron Robinson, a name synonymous with cutting-edge skincare, will be sharing his knowledge and passion for all things beauty. His expertise, honed over 30 years in the cosmetic chemistry field, will equip you with the tools you need to make informed choices for your skin.

Interactive Learning & Fun:

This event isn’t just a lecture; it’s an interactive experience! Gather your bestie and join Ron for a mini facial prep session. Learn the secrets behind effective facial care, from product selection to application techniques, in a fun and intimate setting.

Choose Your Time:

The Beauty of Now offers two convenient masterclass sessions, one at 11 AM and another at 2 PM. Choose the time that best suits your schedule and get ready to dive into the world of skincare with Ron Robinson.

More Than Just a Class:

This event is an investment in your confidence and well-being. By learning from a leading expert, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about:

  • Understanding Your Skin Type: Discover how to identify your unique skin type and choose products that address your specific needs.
  • Decoding Skincare Ingredients: Learn how to decipher ingredient labels and identify the powerhouses that will work wonders for your skin.
  • Creating a Personalized Routine: Craft a custom skincare routine that targets your goals, whether it’s combating dryness, reducing wrinkles, or achieving a brighter complexion.

Beyond the Masterclass:

Leave the event feeling empowered and equipped to take control of your skincare journey. This experience will give you the confidence to create and maintain a healthy, radiant glow you’ll love.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn from the best! Grab your best friend and reserve your spot for The Beauty of Now masterclass with Ron Robinson. Seats are limited, so book yours today and unlock the secrets to achieving your most beautiful skin!

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