Club Chakra


March 18, 2024    
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Club Joyful
2121 Lincoln Boulevard , Los Angeles, California, 90291

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In this enchanting workshop, children aged 4-9 will embark on a magical journey to unlock their inner light! Through playful exploration, they’ll be introduced to the fascinating world of chakras, those swirling energy centers within their bodies. Just like a compass guiding explorers, these chakras will help them navigate their emotions and intuition, becoming more in tune with themselves.

The adventure begins with a gentle introduction to the concept of chakras. Using age-appropriate language and relatable metaphors, the facilitator will explain how these energy centers influence our feelings and wellbeing. Imagine each chakra as a vibrant flower! When they’re open and healthy, we feel happy and energized, but sometimes, these “flowers” can get droopy and need a little TLC.

The workshop equips young minds with powerful tools to nurture their inner gardens. Children will learn the art of affirmations, positive statements that empower them and replace negativity with self-belief. They might create a personal affirmation like “I am brave and strong” or “I am loved and happy.” Repeating these affirmations throughout the day reminds them of their inner strength and helps them cultivate a positive mindset.

Next, the exploration of movement begins! Just like exercise gets our bodies moving and releases pent-up energy, playful activities will help children learn how to release any “stuck” energy within their chakras. Think of fun yoga poses designed for little bodies, or engaging dance routines that encourage them to express themselves freely. Through movement, children will discover a healthy way to release negative emotions and clear the way for positive energy to flow.

As the workshop progresses, the excitement builds with a “Reiki share.” Reiki, a gentle form of energy healing, will be introduced in a way that resonates with young minds. Children will explore the world of crystals, each with its unique properties believed to promote balance and well-being. Imagine holding a smooth, rose quartz crystal, known for its loving energy, or a bright amethyst crystal, said to calm anxieties. They’ll also learn how to use pendulums, simple tools that can help them sense the energy flow within their own bodies and those of their friends.

The spirit of collaboration is fostered as children practice aligning each other’s chakras, a playful activity that teaches them about empathy and the interconnectedness of all beings. This sense of community continues as the class concludes with a truly magical experience: a crystal sound bath. Imagine gentle, soothing music infused with the subtle vibrations of beautiful crystals, creating a calming and restorative environment. As the children lie down and close their eyes, the sounds wash over them, promoting relaxation and inner peace.

Finally, a guided spirit animal meditation invites children to connect with their inner wisdom. Through visualization techniques tailored for young minds, they’ll embark on a journey to meet their spirit animal, a powerful guide believed to offer them support and guidance throughout their lives. Perhaps they’ll envision a courageous lion, a wise owl, or a playful dolphin – each animal carrying a unique message just for them.

By the end of this captivating workshop, children will be equipped with a toolbox of self-care practices. They’ll have a newfound understanding of their emotions, the power of positive thinking, and the importance of releasing negative energy. Armed with these tools, they’ll be well on their way to navigating the world with confidence, compassion, and a vibrant inner light!

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