Goat Yoga in the Park

Goat Yoga in the Park


July 14, 2024    
9:00 am - 10:30 am


Marine Park (Next to the Tennis Courts)
1406 Marine St Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, 90405, CA

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Laughing Frog Yoga invites you to experience the latest craze sweeping Los Angeles: Goat Yoga! As the exclusive yoga studio offering this unique experience in the city, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our two adorable baby goats who are eager to join you on the mat.

About Goat Yoga: Imagine a yoga session where playful baby goats roam freely, adding an element of joy and spontaneity to your practice. Goat Yoga is not just about stretching and breathing; it’s about connecting with nature, finding laughter in unexpected moments, and embracing the playful energy of these gentle animals.

Why Attend?

Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast looking to try something new or an animal lover seeking a unique bonding experience, Goat Yoga at Laughing Frog Yoga promises an unforgettable time. Relax, rejuvenate, and laugh as you practice yoga surrounded by the curious antics of our adorable goats.

Join Us: Don’t miss out on this opportunity to indulge in a one-of-a-kind yoga experience in the serene surroundings of our yoga studio. Reserve your spot today and prepare to unwind, laugh, and connect with nature through Goat Yoga at Laughing Frog Yoga.

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