Moonlit Sanctuary: Womens Full Moon Ceremony and Herbalism Workshop

Moonlit Sanctuary: Womens Full Moon Ceremony and Herbalism Workshop


June 21, 2024    
All Day


Venice Beach Los Angeles
Venice Beach Los Angeles, CA United States, Los Angeles, CA

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Embark on a journey beneath the luminous glow of the Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn at Moonlit Sanctuary’s captivating Women’s Full Moon Ceremony and Herbalism Workshop. This enchanting evening promises a fusion of feminine magic and celestial energy, nestled in the heart of Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

As the clock strikes 6 in the evening on Friday, June 21st, attendees will be welcomed into a realm of profound connection and empowerment. The agenda unfolds with a series of transformative experiences designed to awaken the senses and nurture the spirit.

Cacao Ceremony (6:30 PM – 7:00 PM)

  • Heart-opening ceremonial cacao
  • Gentle breathing exercise for grounding

Self-Love Rose Ritual (7:00 PM)

  • Guided practice to connect with inner needs and desires
  • Rose brushing for self-love

Awaken Your Desire Activity

  • Group practice focusing on consent and listening
  • Expressing needs and desires while respecting boundaries

Herbalism Workshop

  • Crafting personalized self-love ritual oil infused with charged roses
  • Participants take home their handmade oil

Sound Bath & Song Circle (8:30 PM – 9:00 PM)

  • Immersive experience with soothing sounds
  • Harmonizing body, mind, and spirit

Additional Information

  • Limited spots available; reservations recommended
  • Attire: Comfortable, expressive clothing (fuzzy, silky, lacy)
  • Bring a journal for reflections throughout the evening

With anticipation and excitement, Moonlit Sanctuary extends an open invitation to all who seek solace and connection beneath the shimmering canopy of the full moon.


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